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   Brisbane Introduction

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and is the third largest city of Australia. With its temperate climate Brisbane draws many tourists both from Australia and around the world. In Brisbane city, although there are modern high-rise buildings with steel structures and glass components, you can still find traditional wooden cottages as well as historical buildings. Due to the city's beginning as a port, most of the historic buildings are found near the river. Brisbane has some world-class galleries, museums, theatres and a great variety of tourist attractions. A Brisbane River cruise is a good option to get an overview of the city. Besides lovely gardens and parks, there are also plenty of open-air spaces for eating and drinking.

Four of the popular parks and gardens tourists love to visit are the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, South Bank Parklands, Roma Street Parkland. The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens is a very relaxing place within the centre of a large city. South Bank Parklands also has a man made "Beach" on the bank of the Brisbane River.

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the oldest Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brisbane. It has more than 100 koalas, as well as kangaroos, emus, possums, dingoes, wombats, etc.

Brisbane has a lively arts scene and this is reflected by the existence of some fantastic museums, art galleries in the city. Queensland Cultural Centre is regarded as the hub of Brisbane's arts scene and is based in the South Bank area of Brisbane (which was originally built to host the 1988 World Expo). It comprises the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum, Queensland Performing Arts Centre and State Library of Queensland. The Queensland Museum is a natural history museum, which is filled with full-scale exhibits. The exhibits include various mega fauna and endangered species. The Queensland Performing Arts Centre has a main concert hall and three theatres. The centre holds well-acclaimed operas, classical music as well as theatrical productions. The Queensland Maritime Museum displays relics from early shipwrecks as well as shipbuilders' models.

As you can see from the above, Brisbane is lively city with marvelous historic buildings, lovely gardens and a fantastic hub of arts and cultural activities. By visiting some well known art galleries, museums and performing arts centres here, you can gain wonderful insights on the art scene here. Besides, this place offers wonderful food served by some superb restaurants located here.

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